OFA online course

The School of Economics and Management is providing an online course on basic mathematics aimed at fulfilling the additional educational requirements (OFA). The course is provided by Federica Web Learning.

This new service, which has been launched on December 6th, 2021, provides a course on mathematics based on 11 classes which are followed by short self-assessment tests.

Access to the course must be done through https://lms.federica.eu/course/view.php?id=517 by using your UniSi institutional student email, following the instructions in the file attached below.


The exam to fulfill the additional educational requirements (OFA) must be reserved on ESSE3 ("segreteria online") from Prof. Lonzi's page. The exam dates concerning 2022 are the following:

January 19th 4pm, "aula informatica 1"

February 23rd, 12pm, "aula informatica 1"

May 26th, 12pm, "aula informatica 1"

June 30th, 10am, "aula informatica 1"


There won’t be any bar to access the exam – everyone will be able to seat it.

For accessing the exam, students must insert the right code OFAunisi2021 and seat the exam in person on the dates and in the places that will be communicated by the faculty. The exam is made of two questions from every self-assessment test (22 questions) and will be passed with a score of at least 10 points. Wrong answers imply a penalty (-0.25) while omitted answers score zero.